Upcoming Lectures & Events

Jan 31 Tue
Events PANEL: Why Read Fiction? Enda Duffy (English, UCSB)Ken Kosik (Neuroscience, UCSB)Sameer Pandya (Asian American Studies, UCSB)
Feb 1 Wed
IHC's African Studies RFG TALK: The Postcolonial Afterlife of Sarah Baartman: African Women’s Discourses of the Female Body Ayo A. Coly (Comparative Literature and African Studies at Dartmouth College)
Feb 2 Thu
Community Matters Series TALK: Remixing the Civic Imagination Henry Jenkins (Communication, Journalism, Cinematic Arts and Education, USC)
Feb 3 Fri
Community Matters Series WORKSHOP: Think Critically, Act Creatively: Worldbuilding for Civic Engagement Henry Jenkins (Communication, Journalism, Cinematic Arts and Education, USC) and members of the Civic Imagination Project research team
Feb 6 Mon
IHC's Identity Studies RFG The Other One Percent: Indians in America Devesh Kapur (Director at the Center for the Advanced Study of India, Madan Lal Sobti Associate Professor for the Study of Contemporary India, and Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania)
Feb 9 Thu
IHC's Slavery Captivity and the Meaning of Freedom RFG TALK: The Many Captivities of Esther Wheelwright: Communities of Women in the Northeast Borderlands Ann M. Little (History, Colorado State University)
Feb 9 Thu
Community Matters Series TALK: Communities for Empowerment: Antebellum African American Literary and Debating Societies Margaret Malamud (S.P and Margaret Manasse Chair, College of Arts and Sciences, New Mexico State University)
Feb 13 Mon
Events The Reception of Aristotelian Science in Early Islam: A Historical Account Dimitri Gutas (Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, Yale University)

(more upcoming events...)

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