Dec 1 Tue
IHC's Reinventing Japan RFG TALK: Brave New Sanriku: Recovering from March 11, 2011 Ramona Bajema (East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University)
Dec 3 Thu
IHC's Slavery Captivity and the Meaning of Freedom RFG TALK: Conversation with author James F. Brooks: Linking the Histories of Slavery: North America and Its Borderlands James Brooks (UCSB, History & Anthropology)
Dec 3 Thu
IHC's Architecture and Mind RFG DISCUSSION: Architecture and Mind RFG Meeting
Jan 14 Thu
The Humanities and the Brain Series TALK: Listening and the Semiosphere: How Our Individual Brains Build Shared Worlds Seth Horowitz (The Listening Program)
Jan 21 Thu
The Humanities and the Brain Series TALK: Blurring Boundaries: Interlacing Evolution, Epigenetics, Creativity and Diversity in Understanding the Human Agustin Fuentes (Anthropology, Notre Dame)
Jan 27 Wed
IHC's UC-SBHMCWG RFG SCREENING: Still Alice (2014, 101 min.)
Feb 4 Thu
The Humanities and the Brain Series TALK: Brains, Brawn and Bravery: The Power of Professional Networks among late Nineteenth Century Women Physicians Gesa Kirsch (English, Bentley University, IHC Visiting Scholar)
Feb 11 Thu
The Humanities and the Brain Series TALK: Embodying Mind: The Case of the Sigh Aranye Fradenburg (English, UCSB)

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The Humanities and the Brain:


Call For Proposals: Metadata Central, Deadline: Tues, Dec 1

The full call for proposals is available here.

Read more about the call from UCLA Digital Humanities.


The Humanities and the Brain in UCSB Current

Read the article about this year’s series.

Studying the Brain at UCSB

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News coverage of UCSB-based writing programs for student veterans.

Video from the Sustainable Science Communication Conference now available

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Previous IHC Talks now Available on Soundcloud

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ihc open house

Thurs, October 8, 2015 / 4:00 – 6:00 PM
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2015-16 IHC Graduate Affiliates Program (GAP)

Designed to encourage academic professionalization, the IHC Graduate Affiliates Program will foster a community of graduate student scholars to engage in dialogue around the events of the 2015-16 IHC series The Humanities and the Brain(more…)

The Humanities and the Brain

Announcing the IHC public events series for 2015-16: “The Humanities and the Brain”

Read the press release for BluNite.IV, created by the IHC course IV Open Lab.

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