May 31 Tue
The Humanities and the Brain Series READING: Tides by Pedro Xavier Solís Suzanne Jill Levine (Spanish & Portuguese, UCSB)Jorge Luis Castillo (Spanish & Portuguese, UCSB)
Jun 3 Fri
IHC's Language Interaction and Social Organization RFG TALK: John J. Gumperz Memorial Lecture: Who’s Afraid of the Transracial Subject?: Raciolinguistics and the Political Project of Transracialization H. Samy Alim (Education, Stanford University)

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Anjan Chatterjee’s talk now available on Vimeo

Visit the IHC on Vimeo for exclusive recordings of series talks.

Reading by student veterans in UCSB Current.

Read the article about this reading by UCSB student veterans at the IHC.

CONFERENCE: The Humanities, the Neurosciences and the Brain

The Humanities and the Brain in UCSB Current

Read the article about this year’s series.

UC Public Scholars Program

The IHC congratulates Margaret Bell, UCSB’s representative to the 2016 UC Public Scholars Program. (more…)

Humanities in the Community awards

The IHC congratulates the recipients of the 2016 Humanities in the Community summer awards. (more…)

Metadata Central

IHC congratulates Alanna Bartolini (English), UCSB’s representative to the Metadata Central workshop at UCLA.  (more…)


Mary Karr (The Liars’ Club, The Art of Memoir)
Wednesday, February 10
7:00 PM UCSB Corwin Pavilion FREE

Studying the Brain at UCSB

Read more here.

Humanities in the Community program

Summer funding opportunity for UCSB graduate students
Application deadline: Friday, March 4, 2016

The Interdisciplinary Humanities Center and the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts announce a new summer funding opportunity in public humanities open to HFA M.F.A. students and Ph.D. students who have advanced to candidacy. The grant will provide summer funding in the amount of $5,000.00 to support projects that advance civic engagement through scholarly and creative work in the humanities and arts.  (more…)

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