Proposal Submission

The IHC can prepare proposals so that they are complete and adhere to foundation or agency guidelines. This process includes reviewing project narratives, preparing budgets, and ushering proposals through review by the Office of Research.

Submissions Process for Grants and Fellowships
The IHC is delighted to assist in the preparation of all proposals. When you have decided to submit a proposal, contact the Associate Director of Research Development Brandon Fastman ( as soon as possible and provide the URL for the funding opportunity. Brandon is available throughout the funding/grants submission process to support faculty in the preparation, development, and revision of proposal narratives.

The IHC will determine whether or not the proposal requires Office of Research review, and will work with you on a timeline for proposal preparation and submission. When funds are issued directly to an individual researcher and will not be administered through central accounting the IHC can help prepare a reasonable budget, provide suggested language for budget justifications, assist in the interpretation of agency guidelines and proposal assembly, and provide proposal content review.  For applications that require university sponsorship, the IHC has a wide network of on-campus connections and relationships to facilitate acquisition of university sponsorship and signatures.  Please contact IHC Contracts and Grants Coordinator Courtney Richardson ( for assistance with the proposal submission process.

Recommended Timeline for Final Proposal Preparation and Submission for Grants

Once you have assembled the relevant material for your proposal, the IHC Grants Division Staff will assist in ushering it through the final stages of the submission process. So that we may best help you prepare your grant proposal so that it meets all internal and agency deadlines for submission, we recommend that you follow the schedule below.

Business Days Prior to Agency Deadline (minimum)

Administrative Unit



OR Research Development Division (Barbara Walker, Brandon Fastman)

final proposal narrative review (proposal design and writing, research plan, conceptual issues, formatting, etc.)


(Courtney Richardson)

budget preparation, sub-contract and cost-sharing coordination


(Courtney Richardson)

review for proposal completeness, and obtain required signatures


OR Sponsored Projects Division

compliance review (coordinated by IHC)