Journal 2

TRANSLATION Volume 2, Fall 2007
Features Short Story and Poetry Translations by:

Barbara Laughlin
“Connection” by Alisher Faiz

Zaia Alexander
“Capturing in Passing” by Julia Schoch

Emad Mirmotahari
“Estranged” by Morteza Miraftabi

Hiroko Inose
“Falling” by Fumiko Hyashi

Michele Simeon
“Tramp” by Miljenko Jergović

Artsvi Bakhchinyan
“Hands” by Elda Grin

Marie Ramsland
“Corporal Cutthroat” by Raymond Bozier

Mini Chandran
“Rabbit Hunt” by N. S. Madhavan

Lise Kildegaard
“Three Square Stories” by Louis Jensen

Marc James Müller
“Salto Mortale” by José F.A. Oliver

John Peters
Selected Poems from Man’yōshū

Stephen Tapscott
Selected Poems by Georg Trakl
“Elis,” “Sebastian in Dream,” “Song of Kaspar Hauser”

Abbas Karakaya and Donny Smith
“Your Father Did He Ever Die?” by Cemal Süreya

Christopher Kelen and Agnes Vong Lai Ieng
“partridge sky” by Xin Qiji

Kimberly Johnson
Selections from Georgics by Virgil
“The Praises of Italy,” “Mothers, Calves and Colts”

Maria Koundoura
Selected Poems by Yiorgos Chouliaras
“At the Fountain,” “Churches”

Ilana Dann Luna
Selected Poems by Ignacio Ruiz-Pérez
“Cats,” “Edgar Allan Poe Lays Dying in Washington College Hospital”

Marc Elihu Hofstadter
Selected Poems by Yves Bonnefoy
“Art of Poetry,” Evening Light,” A Stone”

Lisa MarieAnderson
“An Old Tibetan Rug” by Else Lasker-Schüler

Kurt Heinzelman
“Early One Morning” by Heinrich Heine

Yulia Ryzhik
“I loved you…” by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

Pavneet Aulakh
“Peeping Tom” by Jaime Gil de Biedma

Toshiya Kamei
“Haciendo el pacto fuera de Chihuahua” (Making the Pact Outside Chihuahua) by Anthony Seidman

Jill Gibian
“The Subversion of Carlitos the Magician” by Mario Benedetti

Catherine A. F. MacGillivray
Selected Poems by Marie-Léontine Tsibinda Bilombo “Resistance . . . Exists,” “As Epitaph”

George Kalogeris
“Atomic Movement” by Lucretius

Asa Zatz
“Gold of Ages” by Efraín Bartolomé