Journal 1

TRANSLATION Volume 1, Fall 2005
Features Essays, Translations, and Transcreations by:

Neruda and Blake: The Visionary Company
Alfred Mac Adam

Creative Translation, Transcreation or Simply Translation: How Can Literature Be Translated?
Élide Valarini Oliver

Conveying the Author’s Voice: Translating Style
John Nathan

Autore, traduttore, editore—traditori! Conspiracy Theory and Small Languages: Icelandic
Viola Miglio

Suzanne Jill Levine
From “On Castellano in America” by Severo Sarduy (A Translation-in-Progress)

Cristina de la Torre
Excerpt from Past Perfect by Leonardo Padura Fuentes

Daniel M. Jaffe
“Ordinary Life” by Jorge Luis Castillo

Andrea G. Labinger
“The Conversation of the Saints” by Alicia Steimberg

Annette H. Levine
“The Portrait” by Paula Varsavsky

Élide Valarini Oliver
“A ‘Crônica’― For Maria da Graça” by Paulo Mendes Campos

Daniela Hurezanu & Stephen Kessler
Selected Poems by Raymond Queneau
“Swan-Signs,” “Black Magic,” “White Magic,” “Crevasse,” “Eyewaters”

Suzanne Jill Levine
“Isla Negra” by Leonardo García Pabón

Steve Sadow and Jim Kates
Selected Poems by Angelina Muñiz Huberman
“The Cabalists,” “Manuscrit Trouvé,” “The Center Itself,” “The Illuminati,” “The Eye of Creation,” “The Circle of the Golem”

Asa Zatz
“Hierophancy in the Cloud Forest” by Efraín Bartolomé

E. M. Test
“Truces” by Valerie Mejer
“The Bride of the Body” by Víctor Manuel Mendiola

Karen Bishop
“City Cemetery ” by Luis Cernuda

Odile Cisneros
Greguerías by Ramón Gómez de la Serna

Yunte Huang
Think Haiku, Act Locu — An Experiment in Back-Translation

Leonard Schwartz
The Apple Anyone Sonnets