Past Events 2005

Monday, 24 October, 2:15 pm
IHC Seminar Room
Introducing Borderlands:
Empires and Frontiers

Pekka Hämäläinen, Assistant Professor, History, UCSB

Monday, 5 December, 2:15 pm
IHC Seminar Room
Borderlands and Material Culture:
The Nubian Dynasty and New Kingdom Egypt

Stuart Smith, Associate Professor, Anthropology, UCSB

Past Events 2006

Monday, 27 February, 3 pm
McCune Conference Room
Constructions of Space in Early Christianity:
Spaces of Representation

Christine M. Thomas, Associate Professor, Religious Studies, UCSB

Monday, 20 March, 3 pm
IHC Seminar Room
Christian or Hellene?
The Great Persecution and the Problem of Identity

Elizabeth Digeser, Associate Professor, History, UCSB

Friday, 28 April, 3 pm
IHC Seminar Room
Artless Crete:
The Aftermath of the Orientalizing Revolution (ca. 700-400 BC)

Brice Erickson, Assistant Professor, Classics, UCSB

Friday, 13 October, 10-12 am
McCune Seminar Room, 6056 HSSB
Faculty Meeting for Ancient Borderlands Planning
Open Reception for New Members and Students

Friday, 3 November, 10-11:30 am
McCune Seminar Room, 6056 HSSB
Deus Irae: Attila and Leo in Italy, 452
Michael Blodgett, C. Phil., Department of History, UCSB

Friday, 1 December, 9:30-11:30 am
McCune Seminar Room, 6056 HSSB
Homer, the Trojan War, and History
Ralph Gallucci, Lecturer, Department of the Classics, UCSB

Past Events 2007

Monday, 12 February, 11:00 am
McCune Seminar Room, 6056 HSSB
Sex and Tradition, War and Schism:
The Origins of Roman Christian Processions
Jacob Latham, C. Phil., Department of Religious Studies, UCSB

Monday, 12 March, 11:00 am
McCune Seminar Room, 6056 HSSB
The State of Chu:
Archaeology, History, and Memory in Hubei Province
John Lee, Department of History, UCSB

Annual Sponsored Lecture
Thursday, 3 May, 3:00 pm
HSSB 4020
The Global and the Local:
Comparing the Dynamics of Interaction in Ubaid and Uruk Mesopotamia
Gil Stein, Director, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago

Monday, 21 May, 11:30 am
HSSB 6056
Topographies of Power
Hal Drake, Professor, History, UCSB

Monday, 4 June, 4:00-5:30 pm
HSSB 6056
Results of Research Seminar
John Lee and students, History, UCSB

Annual Sponsored Lecture
Friday, 2 November, 3:00 pm
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020
Fictitious Kinships and the Dissolution of Boundaries
Erich Gruen, Professor, History, UC Berkeley