The California Consortium For the Study of Late Antiquity
The California Consortium for the Study of Late Antiquity is made up of faculty and graduate students from UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UC Davis, UCLA, and UC San Diego.

Core Faculty

  • Emily Albu (UC Davis, Classics)
    Emily Albu's interests include classical receptions and late antique / medieval cartography and the Peutinger map

  • Diliana Angelova (UC Berkeley, Art History)

  • Ra'anan Boustan (UCLA, History)
    • Ra`anan Boustan's research and teaching explore the dynamic intersections between Judaism and other Mediterranean religious traditions, with a special focus on the impact of Romanization and Christianization on Jewish culture and society in late antiquity. He is currently writing a book entitled The Holy Remains: Tokens of Cult and Kingship between Jews and Christians in Late Antiquity, which traces the meanings that sacred objects associated with the biblical and Jewish past carried in Jewish and Christian memory in late antiquity.

  • Catherine Chin (UC Davis, Religious Studies)
    • Catherine Chin is interested in Latin literature of late antiquity, and particularly in early Christian notions of what language and literature are, and what they're good for. She has researched on education in late antiquity and is currently working on a monograph on Rufinus of Aquileia and early Christian translation theory.

  • Touraj Daryaee (UCI, History)
    • Touraj Daryaee works on the Sasanian Empire and also Middle Persian literature and the Zoroastrian religion.

  • Elizabeth DePalma Digeser (UCSB, History)
    ~ Principle Investigator

  • Hal Drake (UCSB, History)

  • Susanna Elm (UC Berkeley, History)
    • Susanna Elm is primarily interested in interactions between Christians and "pagans" in late antiquity. She is currently focusing the question of slavery in the later Roman Empire, asking how the practices of slavery and unfree labor affected the formulation of theological maxims, especially in the writings of Augustine.

  • Dayna Kalleres (UCSD, Religious Studies)
  • Michele Salzman (UCR, History)
    Michele Salzman focuses on the social and religious history of late antiquity. Her current book project, “The ‘Falls’ of Rome in Late Antiquity,” that examines the city of Rome and its response to crisis from the third to seventh centuries.  This work will focus on textual and material culture to assess the roles that competing elites and institutions played in the transformation of the city and Italy.
  • Edward Watts (UCSD, History)
    • Ed Watts' research currently focuses upon issues of religious and intellectual identity in the late antique Greek world. He is working on one monograph examining the experiences of the last generation born before Constantine's conversion, a second looking at the social and institutional history of Platonism, and a smaller project exploring Anti-Chalcedonian Egyptian identity.

Affiliated Faculty

Graduate Students

University of California, Santa Barbara

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