Faculty Fellows 2016-17

Release Time Awards
Awards will be given to ladder-rank faculty members to release them from teaching for one quarter in order to concentrate on research projects. The award does not provide for release from summer teaching, nor does it provide a salary supplement. It will be calculated as a replacement cost of up to $5,000 for one course. Faculty members may receive this award once every five years, and must not teach during the award quarter. Recipients should be in residence at UCSB during the award quarter.

erin Khue Ninh, Almost Perfect: Passing for the Model Minority

Collaborative Research Grants
Awards will be made to support collaborative projects. Eligible projects include conferences at UCSB or in the Santa Barbara area; collaborative research or instructional projects by faculty members in one or more departments/ programs; and initiatives to bring visiting scholars and arts practitioners to campus for collaborative research or teaching. Award amounts up to $3000.00.

Naoki Yamamoto, Film and Media Studies ; Glyn Salton-Cox, English, Lukacs and the World: Rethinking Global Circuits of Cultural Production
Melody Jue, English; Janet Walker, Film and Media Studies, Workshop on “Saturation”
Elizabeth Digeser, History, Studies in Late Antiquity: Late Ancient Worlds

Community-Engaged Participatory Pedagogy in the Arts Program 2017-18

Awards up to $4000 will be given to UCSB faculty members  for visual and performing art projects housed within undergraduate or graduate courses.  Applicants should engage with a community partner in conceiving, designing and executing a project that is significant to a particular community.  Partners may include non-UCSB community groups in Isla Vista and in the Santa Barbara region.  The program can be used either to seed projects for existing courses or as the basis for creating a new course with a community-engaged component; we welcome proposals that incorporate graduate student mentoring.  Funding may be used for residencies with visiting artists with experience in community-engaged participatory work, for materials and equipment, transportation, and other costs associated with the project.

Isabel Bayrakdarian, Music, Opera Outreach Program
Carlos Morton, Theater and Dance, Teatro as a Tool for Teaching (Teatro Lectura)

Research Fellows 2016-17

The IHC Research Fellowships are open to all recent UCSB Ph.D.s in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. The IHC Research Fellows will be affiliated with the IHC and will have opportunities to participate with the Center’s classes, activities and research groups. All IHC Research Fellows will be asked to present their work at the IHC. The fellowship does not carry a stipend, but provides UCSB library privileges, eligibility for campus parking and an email account.

Kuan-yen Liu, Comparative Literature
Ana Mitrovici, History of Art

Pre-Doctoral Fellows 2016-17

The IHC offers pre-doctoral fellowships to support doctoral candidates and advanced MFA students whose research facilitates dialogue across the traditional disciplinary boundaries within the arts and humanities, and/or between the arts & humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Each fellowship carries a stipend of $6000, with payment of basic resident fees for one quarter of the academic year. Doctoral students must have advanced to PhD candidacy by the application deadline.

Nissa Ren Cannon, English, Paper Identities and Identity Papers
Danielle Davey, English, Godly Prodigality: The Poetics of Excess in Early Modern England
Hannah Goodwin, Film and Media Studies, Archives of Light: Cinematic and Cosmological Time
Sarah E. Hanson, History, Gender, Work, and Economic Power: Women from Elite Urban Families in Medieval Douai, ca. 1285-1384
Tegan Raleigh, Comparative Literature, The Enchantments of Authenticity: The Fictive Frames of French and German Collections of Tales from Charles Perrault to the Brothers Grimm

Graduate Affiliates Program

Designed to encourage academic professionalization, the IHC Graduate Affiliates Program will foster a community of graduate student scholars to engage in dialogue and collaboration around the current IHC programming series. In the course of the academic year, graduate students will exercise their skills in communicating with scholars from diverse fields about points of intellectual convergence and difference.

2016-2017: Community Matters
Corinne Bancroft, English Department
Daniel Grinberg, Film and Media Studies
Matt Harris, Religious Studies
Jasmine Kelekay, Sociology Department
Jennifer Lugris, Art Department

Graduate Collaborative Awards 2017

The IHC offers an annual collaborative project award (up to $1500) to encourage graduate student collaboration beyond the confines and conventions of particular departments and disciplines within the arts and humanities, and between the arts and humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Groups of graduate students from at least two departments or academic programs are eligible to apply. A faculty advisor is recommended but not required. Eligible projects include conferences, symposia, exhibitions, and performances. Projects that experiment with a combination of dissemination formats are encouraged.

Hannah Wolf, Computer Science and Media Arts & Technology; Jungah Son, Media Arts and Technology; ADAPTS – Artist’s Drawing and Perception Teaching System
Victoria Ballmes, Religious Studies; Christopher Nofziger, History; the Sixth Biennial Borderlands International Graduate Student Conference
James Williams, History; Steven Hu, Religious Studies; Gokh Alshaif, Global and International Studies; Christopher Stephens, History; the 2017 International Graduate Student Conference on the Cold War

IHC Visual Performing Media Arts Awards 2017

The Interdisciplinary Humanities Center offers an annual award (up to $1500) to support an innovative project in the visual, performing and media arts that engages creatively with issues of interdisciplinary concern. The competition is open to faculty and graduate students. Both individual and collaborative projects are eligible.

Alesha Claveria, Moving the “Body Indian:” Creating Space for Native American Theater at UCSB  

Humanities in the Community Awards 2016

The Humanities in the Community program, sponsored by the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts, provides summer funding for seven advanced graduate students to support projects that advance civic engagement through scholarly and creative work in the humanities and arts.

Elizabeth Allen, English
Carlos Jimenez, Film and Media Studies
Emma Levine, Music
Zachary Rentz, Philosophy
Audrey Lopez, Linguistics
Megan Lukaniec, Linguistics
Shawn Warner-Garcia, Linguistics

“Write to Change the World” OpEd Project workshops 2016

The “Write to Change the World” program, sponsored by the UC Humanities Network, is designed to build our faculty’s capacity to translate their research for the public and to engage in debate at a national level based on their areas of expertise.

Jeannine DeLombard, English
Jen Vanderpool, Art
Carlos Morton, Theater and Dance
John Foran, Sociology
Jennifer Holt, Film and Media Studies
Maryam Kia-Keating, Education

UC Public Scholars Program 2016

An extension of the UC Davis Mellon Public Scholars program, this UC-wide initiative is aimed at introducing graduate students to the intellectual and practical aspects of identifying, addressing, and collaborating with members of a public through their scholarship.

Margaret Bell, History of Art and Architecture

Metadata Central Program 2016

Metadata Central is an intensive workshop for UC humanities graduate students on the process of tagging, describing and classifying data objects.

Alanna Bartolini, English

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